1.Soup of the daykr. 1.510
2.Fish soup "a la maison"kr. 2.370
3.Lobster soup with grilled lobster Tailskr. 2.440
4.Traditional Icelandic meat soupkr. 2.130
5.Viking starter with shark, dried haddock, herring, ray bread, assorted whey
pickled food (Thorri food) and taste of Black death
kr. 2.800
6.Seafood delight mix of our best availeable shellfish and vegetableskr. 2.500
7.Pan Fried Guillemot with blueberry saucekr. 2.910
8.Tagliatelle pasta with ham , mushrooms and basil cream saucekr. 2.810
9.Tagliatelle pasta with garlic roasted lobster tails and vegetables in cream saucekr. 3.020
10.Fried vegetables steak with potato, roasted vegetables and fresh salatkr. 3.070
11.Mixed fresh salad "al la chef" with ham, chicken strips and Caesar dressingkr. 3.020
Hamburgers / Sandwich
12.Club sandwich with french frieskr. 3.170
13.Cheeseburger with salad and french frieskr. 2.130
14.Double hamburger with bernaies sauce, mushrooms, vegetables, fried egg and french frieskr. 3.070
15.The freshest catch of the daykr. 3.690
16.Fried salted cod with olives and garlickr. 3.950
17.Mixed seafood gratin with garlic breadkr. 4.370
18.Garlic toasted lobster tails with garlic breadkr. 6.500
19.Fish and chipskr. 3.900
20.Chicken breast with mushroom saucekr. 4.370
21.Sheap head with mashed potatoes and beetskr. 4.990
22.Beef tenderloin with pepper saucekr. 5.980
23.Tenderloin of foal served with red vine sauce and caramel glaced figskr. 5.460
24.Lambprime with bernaise saucekr. 5.250
25.Grilled BBQ pork ribs with french fries and vegetableskr. 4.990
27.Braised lamb shanke with glaced vegetables and mashed potatoeskr. 4.990
28.Icelandic skyr with blueberry sauce and sorbskr. 1.820
29.French chocolate cake with ice creamkr. 1.820
30.Hot applepie with ice cream and whipped creamkr. 1.820
31.Two kind of ice cream and whipped creamkr. 1.820
32.Skyrcake with blueberrieskr. 1.820