Fisherman´s Village menu / Hlið menu

The prices are for groups of 25 – 46 people and then they have the restaurant all for themselves. It comes a singer from the Viking Village and sings few songs for dinner guests.


1. Vegetable soup
Chicken breast with fried vegetables, baked potato, salad and and mushroom sauce
Coffee and chocolate

    6.200 ISK

2.  Lobster soup
Lambsteak with bernaise sauce, baked potato, fried vegetables and salad
Apple pie with whipped cream and coffee

      7.900 kr.


 3. Mushroom soup
Lamb shank with mashed potatoes, vegetables and salad
Chocolate cake and coffee

       8.200 kr.


 4. Lobster Feast
      Lobster soup
Garlic roasted  lobster tails with garlic bread
Two kinds of cake and coffee

        9.600 kr.



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