Group menu

Options of menus, you can change it as you

like and then the prices change 

1.Soup of the day
The freshest catch of the day
Icelandic skyr with blueberry sauce and sorbet
kr. 6.500
2.Fish soup “a la mason”
Lamb prime with béarnaise sauce
Skyr cake with blueberries
kr. 8.700
3.Lobster soup with grilled lobster tails
Beef tenderloin with pepper sauce
Hot apple pie with whipped cream
kr. 9.400
4.Seafood delight; mix of our best available shellfish and vegetables
Braised lambshank with glazed vegetables and mashed potatoes
French Chocolate cake
kr. 8.600
5.Lobster soup with grilled lobster tails
Garlic toasted lobster tails with garlic bread
Two kinds of ice cream with chocolate sauce
kr. 9.800
6.Vegetable soup
Chicken Breast with mushroom sauce
kr. 5.400
7.Soup of the day
Pasta with ham and mushrooms in cream sauce
kr. 4.100
8.Traditional Icelandic meat soupkr. 4.100

Group menu is valid if everyone order the same. Group is ten people or more.

Order must be made 2 days before arrival.