Fjörugarðurinn, the Viking Restaurant, is open for dinner guests from 18.00 every day. We are open for lunch for groups. Fjörugarðurinn easily sits 350 guests. Here, the emphasis is on the Viking Era and as you enter you step into the world of the past. The décor is in the Viking style and we offer a true Viking feast with traditional meals served in old-fashioned Viking-style trays. During these famous feasts there is never a dull moment and the guests can expect various treats and surprises offered by our singing Valkyries and Vikings.

The fun reaches its height when the Fjöru-chieftain crowns one guest as an Honorary Viking. The menu can, of course, be adapted on request, but we strongly recommend our three-course Viking dinner which includes a selection of hors d’oeuvre, delicious mountain lamb and skyr – a yoghurt-like dessert with fruit. With this comes Brennivín otherwise known as “Black Death” served in traditional lamb horns.Also you can try our “Mead “the real Viking drink.  An experience worth having!

Viking performance

Viking Kidnapping available for groups by request, Our Vikings “kidnap” guests from their bus outside the restaurant. Guests will then be brought into The Cave where our Vikings sing Icelandic folk songs and serve mead. We can even rent out cloaks for the groups to have during kidnapping and our famous Viking Dinner

Kidnapping is scheduled between 18:00 and 20:00. Our Vikings are happy to accommodate special requests regarding songs, stories and more.