Fjaran Valhalla Vikings

Fjaran restaurant – Valhalla is open daily from 18:00 – 22:30. We also open for groups at lunch time if requested.

The house is built 1841 and is the second oldest house in town of Hafnafjörður. On the ground floor we comfortably seat 36 guests, and on the upper floor under the sloping roof, you can sit in a cozy barrel style corner and enjoy a cocktail before dinner or a dessert after dinner. Paned windows frame a breathtaking view. Also on the upper floor, we have a small and cozy room with seats for 18 guests, and is ideal for small groups who want to have some privacy.

A open doorway is between Valhalla and Fjörugarðurinn so guests can also enjoy all the Fjörugarðurinn has to offer, as well the special atmosphere of Valhalla. Valhalla is an elegant restaurant where the décor is made from a hundred years old snuff-and wine barrels. The walls downstairs are decorated with paintings directly on the walls, of Hafnarfjörður by Lukas Gucio Gordon and Æsir´s feast by Elísa Ósk Viðarsdóttir.

Cozy and a different restaurant, worth visiting again and again.




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